Automated Clearing House

What is ACH (Automated Clearing House)?
ACH is an electronic transaction. It is a fast and easy way of moving money from one bank account to another through Direct Deposit and Direct Payment via ACH transactions, including ACH credit and debit transactions and/or loan payments; recurring and one-time payments.

How do I set up an ACH transaction?
To set up an ACH Deposit, withdrawal or loan payment; you simply give the information provided below to the your primary financial institution with which you wish to initiate the transaction.

ACH or Bill Pay Set Up Instructions:
You will need to provide the originating financial institution with the following information:

Cedars-Sinai Federal Credit Union
8700 Beverly Blvd. Suite 1631D
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Routing Number: 322077478

You will also need to provide: Member Name, Member Account Number and specify that it is a SAVINGS credit or debit. If it is a Loan Payment, you will need to also provide the Loan suffix along with your account number.

Please note: Federal regulation (Regulation D) requires us to limit the number of electronic transactions you make each month on a savings account to a maximum of six (6) per month. Should you exceed the limit, any ACH request received may be returned and/or a fee of $25 imposed.