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Cedars-Sinai Federal Credit Union is dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals and maintain financial wellness, with free counseling and educational classes.

CSFCU has joined with BALANCE to offer guidance with all of your financial needs. Certified BALANCE counselors are available to answer questions, explain your credit report, suggest ways to improve your score and help you set up a budget. All free of cost to you.  All sessions are completely confidential.  Call (888)456-2227 or Visit here.

There are also a variety of beneficial educational materials such as modules, articles, podcasts and financial calculators, all available to you, allowing you to sharpen your financial IQ on your own time. The online library of resources offers education on all vital financial topics including money management, identity theft, planning for the future, how to deal with financial life stages and how to prepare for change, as well as, understanding credit reports.
Check out these financial resources

Our online personal financial center with Balance Track allows you to explore all the essential elements of personal finance. Each of the learning modules is interactive with the links to helpful resources and has a quiz to allow you to test your knowledge of the subject. Log in today to Balance Track.

Take advantage today of this partnership CSFCU has gladly invested in with BALANCE to assist our member’s to achieve financial wellness at no cost. 

Call BALANCE Directly at (888)456-2227 or go visit online.